I am fascinated by dreams of all kinds, but particularly the ones that take place while we sleep.  We all have unique dreams…dreams like goals…daydreams…and dreams when you are sleeping.  Not everyone seems to remember them, nor place the same value to them.  I’ve always been a very vivid night dreamer.  Certain dreams over the years have stood out and maintained a faint glimmer in my memory as if they were from actual day-life events.  And they cover the full spectrum of emotions, with varying degrees of intensity.

Occasionally, I tell my husband what I dreamed about the night before, and he’s always amazed…my dreams tend toward the fantastical, absurd, and strange.  His night dreams, I suppose, are a little more like day life in nature.

Though I don’t always write down my dreams, I do keep a dream journal on the nightstand, and try to write down some of the more interesting and/or meaningful dreams.  Sometimes when I’m in that post-dream, pre-dawn space, the dream gets written down in poem form, which is fun to read back on later.  I often find themes and links, and hopefully insight.  Here are a few selections from such dream poems.  They were all from different times, but there seems to be a night gypsy who visits regularly.  😉 Enjoy!

A Life in Review
A life in review in the underworld of dreams
Try to decipher what it all really means

Visions of a past that never took place
Mirages of a future that may very well be replaced

Elements of torture, fame and disgrace
Eloquent, immortal, tame and full of praise

The gypsy woman takes the palm of my hand
Pointing and pressing where I don’t understand

She says close your eyes away from this land
For a moment to request to know the master plan

Then the stage hand calls out
a message from beyond

He says take care with love
Hold on, hold on, and be strong

Epic fortitude will be your guiding light
To walk among the multitude in the middle of the night

The Oldest Crone
Visiting the home
Of the oldest crone I’ve ever known
Deep in the woods on a hillside
In the middle of the night
Rummaging bones
From birds that have flown
And seeds never sown

Elements changed on both sides
Neither was wrong nor right

For $100/month, she said I could stay
The chair of wicker and a bed of hay

As I studied the fine lines gone astray
At the edge of her eyes, she began to say

For as long as you need, this place will feed
Keep planting seeds and pulling weeds

Let your roots run deep and your soul to keep
Love takes the lead, so keep up, take heed

Driving Out the Ghosts
Driving out the ghosts with stones
And singing over bones
The flowers call you home

Hold on to your Southern song
And let the angels sing along
How could anyone have known
The way your hope glows in the night like a crone

You wear the crown and grace the throne
And never look back for too long

Hold the amethyst
Watch the light explode
Look for patterns in the road

(This last one was more of a dream/nightmare, but powerfully memorable enough to write it out).

Between the Dark and Light
It’s a fight between the dark and light
It’s a struggle of ego muscle

How deep can you stare into her eyes
And visualize the truest light
And chant the name of the divine

It’s hard to describe the dark of night
With words made of the daylight kind
Marbled and hollow eyes of intensity
Her head of stone and density

I chant and I chant
And I try to let go but I can’t

Is this the trial we face
To find our state of grace?
Is this the fire we meet
To eventually be complete?

I’d rather not compete
Like some ancient Greek athlete
Throwing over the rope
And hoping I can go the distance
And meet the gravity of resistance

But if that’s what we’ve got to do
To finally get it through
Then with full-fledged trust
Do what you must

In this treacherous test
Do your very best

Face your fears head on
Pray for the coming dawn
That the path will clear and life goes on

Sunset on Lake Pontchartrain

Sunset on Lake Pontchartrain

New Year, New Moon, New Start

Happy New Year!
I am welcoming 2014 with a new moon, a fresh canvas, attitude renewed, and heart revived.  In the winter, for me, it’s all too easy to get internal, dark, and moody, which can be fine for a brief spell.  But linger too long…well, not ideal for the positive, cheerful side that wants to celebrate holiday time, family time, and the hope of a new year coming.

We recently watched the documentary, 11th hour.  One of many documentaries to come out in the last several years that encourages this human race to get with the program and be more mindful to this one planet we call home.  I like to add these types of films periodically to our viewing list to remind myself where we are and renew my drive for living a little lighter.

I was feeling inspired by much of what was said in the documentary, and so while watching, I wrote down some notes on actual things they said throughout and then put it my own poem version.

Here’s to 2014: healthy, prosperous, lighter and brighter, happy and free; breathing more, letting go more, honoring ourselves, our fellow earthlings and the earth.

Be reborn, be transformed
New intentions, new inventions
We need this intervention

To design with kindness in mind
From cradle to cradle and turn the tables
Reduce the waste that we send to the grave

So attached to things
Detached to what it brings
Change the object of desire
Be in touch with sources of survival

We’ve gone psychically numb
Disconnected and on the run
Not knowing the beauty we’ve lost
Not recognizing the long term cost

Hungry for a false need that is never fulfilled
While greed and blood continues to spill

On the brink to become extinct
Even as we eliminate thousands of other species
And the tragedy wherein we’re linked
Causing this but never to think

In a flash of consumption
Outside of compassion
Where is the redemption?
Could we care enough for expansion of our hearts
To care for this global mansion?

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