Springs Bounty

Flowers after rain are just too good to pass up for photographing.  Of course, those epic, blue-sky days are a good fit for flowers too.  Lots and lots blooming in New Orleans right now, and I’m savoring this time before the big heat sets in.  Although, I’m hoping that little dashes of this spring air continue to make appearances throughout the summer.  The red, starry-eyed flower, I’m not sure of the name, but I just couldn’t decide on one to share, so I shared multiples, and with various a few photo-toaster edits for fun.  Enjoy!


We’ve chosen the rose
Because the rose called us

To rise from the shell and stand tall amongst the rust
We’ve listened to the message and living in full trust
To do what most may fear
Living from the heart, we must

We followed a path unpaved
With no flashlight, into the cave
We followed how the heart craved
And received what she gave

Leave behind your name
Truth is all you need for this game
Leave behind your pain
For it was never yours to claim

There are no mistakes
Don’t take it for granted
Each day you wake
With a seed you’ve planted

Living this life of love, enchanted
Trusting there will be a safe landing
Water often with your laughter
And breathe deep forever after.