Following and Filling Your Heart

winter skyThis one just spilled right out of the pen in one fell swoop and even moved me after reading it back to myself, like messages from the subconscious to lift me up out of doubt and encourage me on the path.  And so I share with you now, passing the baton of courage.  xoxo


Sometimes we underestimate people
Sometimes the mind is feeble
Sometimes we are unreasonable/unreachable
And sometimes we are regal

Don’t ever look for reasons
To say your life is not in season
Or that your path is not yet seasoned
Or that your art has no reason

Every piece of art created
Is never overrated
If the heart took part in creating
And the soul was renewed in the making

Sometimes we shy away from
The very thing that could be a haven
Sometimes we hold ourselves back
For fear of failing or falling or lack

But if we open up to flying
We may find we found our pack
Get past just trying
And realize our impact

Open up the night
Let your life be inspired
Open up the lights
Set your soul on fire

Renewed and imbued
With warmth and grace infused
Dig deep in the dirt and grit
Find your worth and see where you fit
Know what you’re born to do
And find you’re living proof

If you just stop caring
Whether anyone gives a care
But continue to share like you care
And do your best to be aware
To relax into the flow
While the people come and go

Don’t think about what you’re not
And focus on what you are
And don’t you ever stop
Following and filling your heart