To Do List poem – Let it go

I was perusing through poems that have already been typed out from 2017, as I have another journal from later in 2017 that I’ll be typing out soon.  I found this one and it feels very potent and current for me.
I hope it does for you as well.  Enjoy your Gratitude Day!

Take it all down
What’s been wearing me down
Let it all out
What’s been wearing me out
Don’t be obsessing
I’m only guessing all the stressing
Only lessens all the lessons
Don’t be messing with the dressing
Could be a blessing like confessing
Liberate what’s repressing
Nothing to need, just let it bleed
Blow through the reeds
Clear the weeds
Sing to the trees
Fall to your knees
Just say please
Watch the waves over seas
Tell yourself what you need to believe
To get through the day and remember to breathe
Die little death
Say goodbye to regret
Don’t let a little theft
Of soul leave you bereft
Don’t let what you’ve spent
Be more than what you’ve kept
Save some love notes in your back pocket
For a rainy day when the tears don’t stop
Unload the stones
Atone for the bones and bombs that you’ve thrown
Step down from the throne of ego and own
All you didn’t know
Ways you have yet to grow
Practice your crow
Balance your boat
Draw your bow
Fall into your flow
Resign yourself to simple facts
Define your edges but leave no tracks.



I wrote this a year ago when Cali was on fire…the wheel turns again and the cycles continue.
Found it in my journal reviews and felt like sharing.  Also, it’s been awhile since I posted here…winter vibes may bring me back to journal typing and sharing.
Caution…opinions and words expressed here are my own and not yours to judge…if you don’t agree, then let me be.  We’re all on our own path, just trying to make sense of the math, and maybe now and then, laugh.


Just a little brush fire and a whole lot of drought
Took off like a live wire, no time to shout
Nowhere to go, nothing to save
Except the love you know and the love you gave

Now I’m left searching for my dreams
Nothing left of my routine
Lost in the shadow of these flames
Nothing will ever be the same

Callous heart, careless tongue
You’ve played your part from the bottom rung
Then your remarks, so selfishly smug
Like a shark, your ego is your drug

It’s hard to see such a tragedy
Their humanity in such dire need

All the while, you smile
Full of denial and poisonous vile
We all wonder, will there ever be a trial?
Will this madness ever be final?

love is in the earth