2020 Vision – Happy New Year!

Thought I’d wade through some past journal entries for something I’d written on a previous New Year’s Eve night.
20 years ago, I thought the year 2020 was some cosmic, far-off, futuristic paradise.  It is and isn’t, though we don’t quite know that yet.  We build it one day at a time.  Maybe I’ll have some commentary for you on the next New Year’s Eve.  From 20 years ago, we are in a futuristic wonderland in terms of technology, though that has proven to be full of it’s own landmines and challenges.
I look forward with hope for what the next decade becomes.  Happy New Year!!

12/31/15 –
You can wake up and feel the joy
Or squander it and be annoyed
You can listen to the void
Or ignore it and just avoid

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
Or just the wrong side of your head?
Can you shift what was said
To something positive instead?

You can choose your attitude
Just as you do your food
Both affect your mood
And the way your world is viewed

Do you really want to be rude?
Or can the heart be renewed?
Is everything always screwed?
Or can your vision be improved?

When the dark begins to brood
Can your reaction be removed?
If you can’t side step the blues
Can you walk so it doesn’t bruise?

Here’s to a new decade! May it be creative, positive, transformative and compassionate.
Enjoy a little “Meditation Blues” from my husband, Matthew DeOrazio….