A poem for these ancient modern times

I wrote this a couple weeks before our lock-down, when I sensed what was beginning to unfold, and what has now become the focus for the entire population of humanity.  I say ‘ancient’ modern times because, in a sense, these human issues are ancient issues we’ve been trying to sort through for so many ages.
“Claim your independence from complacency” (thanks Reginald Hubbard)
Claim independence from from complacence
In a deeper dance with circumstance
To root out the shadow trance
To wake up and make some plans.

3/6/20 –
The friction of this fiction that we’re living in
The corruption, the destruction and all the ways that we sin
Drowning out the voice of reason
Dreams turned nightmares and patience gets thin
We wonder where to begin again

Tempers get short and it’s time to abort
The ways that we were can no longer hold court
The intensity of the storm begins to swarm
And we look to the truth to keep us warm

But the aftermath is smoldering and we’re burned by the coals
We choke on the smoke, and we look for ways to cope
Who will throw a rope when we’re sliding down the slope
Off the cliff into the river, how will we be delivered?
Will we shrivel and shiver, deep in the stream, sentenced only to dream?

Will we ever wake up and come up for air, or just wallow in the despair?
Will we find a way to swim and breathe deep to repair?

Can we come together aware and set aside notions of fair?
Can we find some unity in why we’re all here?