The Need for Unity

I wrote this short bit in Nov. of 2017, but my goodness, it is ever more relevant now!

11/5/17 –

How many more tragedies must there be
Before we start shifting history
When will the need for unity
Be greater than the need for power and greed?

“Love, my friends, my soulful friends, love. Let us love. True, this world of ours is full of hatred and disbelief, but that is no reason why we should not love and why we should not believe. We must love and believe in order to empty the hatred-sea.” Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007)

To Not React

Quarantine time has me typing my past journals on a more regular basis.  This has felt, at times, like notes to my future self (aka, me, right now).  Things that I needed to see on the page then, and work out in my mind at that moment, serve as reminders and sign posts to my current moments.  And it’s been that way for me through most of my typing process, regardless of when the words were written.  It continues to be a fascinating thing for me, and so I’m working on sharing more of these moments with you here.  I hope that the words are what you needed in the moment as well.  xoxo

9/13/19 –
Sometimes the hardest thing to do
Is to not react
To open the heart and not attack

The negative mind
On constant rewind and looking to find
The dangers and detriments that leave us on the side lines
In fear of the real or imagined crimes

If we can count to ten and take a deep breath
If we can stay zen amidst the mess
We don’t have to defend or be swept up in stress
We don’t have to pretend that we know what’s next

Petroglyphs, Tucson, AZ

Petroglyphs, Tucson, AZ

On Death and Dying

4/9/20 –
Well you didn’t tell me nothing
That I wanted to hear
Maybe it’s my ego
Laced up in too much fear

You didn’t leave me nothing
But questions and tears
Mountains of moments
That add up to years

A lot of memories cut too deep
As I search for ones I’d like to keep
A lot of things left unsaid
Now that you’re gone
They fill up my head
Like a lonesome sad song

No amount of prayers
Could’ve peeled back the layers
No string of words
Could convey how much I cared

You always were an angel
Just wearing the devil’s clothes
In a struggle and so entangled
Now only heaven knows

Critics will say what they will
That you had a raw deal
They don’t know how you feel
And what is deemed divine will

Maybe on the other side
You’re our angel and our guide
To help us navigate these shifting tides