Ancestral healing

Ancestral healing; a subject I’ve been thinking about a lot this year. There’s so much in our DNA, family history, energetic bonds, and soul history that comes into play in our daily lives, some of which we’re not even aware of.

Working with it, sorting through emotions and traumas, both personal and familial, we can better understand ourselves and others, and find some peace in how we live in the world.

Some interesting podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently that talk about this are:

Mark Groves Podcast: 8/25/19 with Mark Wolynn – What Trauma Have You Inherited?
I listened to this one twice, and will probably listen to again; very transformative and fascinating! I’d like to read Mark Wolynn‘s book as well.

So You Think You’re Intuitive Podcast:
Episode 112: Tapping into your unconscious bias to become a better ancestor, with Leesa Renee Hall
Episode 110: How Past Lives Can Affect Your Healing
Episode 67: Intuition Conversations: Koya Webb on Facing Fears to Healing Generational Trauma and Family Healing
Episode 46: Healing Our Ancestor Stories

I obviously connected with host Natalie Miles and her style, as I listened to several in a row! Maybe a little ‘woo woo’ for some at moments, but very cosmic, intuitive, and with reverence for all, which I appreciate.

What have you been reading or listening to on the subject? What have you found in your own family tree that affects you in ways known and unknown?

This time of year is always good for reflection and for planting new seeds.


Monday moments of zen: episode 3

I’ve started making little music videos using clips I’ve gathered out in the world and setting them to music that my husband, Matthew, makes. (His practice time at home usually consists of long and lovely loops in hypnotic/meditative rhythms). I’ve posted them on IG/FB the last 3 weeks now, so I thought I’d put them here as well for folks not on those platforms. (Original post below…) P.s. episode 1 & 2 will show up here soon as well. 🙏☮️🍁🥰

We went to @radnorlake two days in a row on our short trip to Nashville last week. The colors and the crisp air are exactly the kind of #forestbathingtherapy we were looking for.
It’s a must-see place in my book.
Here, I’ve captured several moments from our hike and have set them to the soothing sounds of @eldeorazio . I had a 2min video of him that I captured back in Sept, and loved it, so I made the video longer (vs the 1min sessions I’ve shared so far.)
I’m really enjoying making these little instrumental videos for y’all. Enjoy!

Lake Radnor, Nashville, with El DeOrazio