Return to Love

8/5/20 –
Return to the cave
To see the light we gave
Return to the well
To see where we fell

Return to the start
To see where we came apart
Return to the end
To understand how we mend

Return to the field
For new sprouts to be revealed
Return to the place
Where you first saw your face

Return to the year
That you first felt the fear
Return to the ground
To feel the primal profound

Release what is rigid
Unfreeze what is frigid
Bring in the goddess Brigid
Persevere and be persistent

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in other posts, but I often find my poems even more relevant to me 6 months later (or find some 15yrs later, like another life cycle on repeat, in a different time frame!) Future note-to-self messages.

Stillness and illness force us to slow down, take stock, review our wounded parts and endeavoring to make peace with the past. In these strange and modern times, we are cultivating courage, processing past pain, and imagining a brighter future. We are practicing patience, and trusting the process. We are letting go and opening up. We are becoming.

🙏💗☮️🌱 stay steady, keep the faith, be ready, stay safe.

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