Although I wrote this poem in August, it feels appropriate for this week, this season…hang tough, let go, breathe and be kind, to yourself and to others.  Let us walk with grace and courage into this new chapter, and in community as humans, not enemies.

8/15/16 –

How things creep in over time and form a line
Pieces once pure now looking for a cure
Notice the way the dark endures
How resistance holds up against persistence
How constant exposure can lead to a rupture
How the search for contentment can lead to resentment
What takes up residence and pretends as permanent

Looking for closure in this part of the overture
Is there a point in building up to the breaking point?
Is there a part that’s essential in falling apart?

How deep are the wounds?
How dark are the tombs?
How dense are the rooms?

I’ve always been right here
Waiting for the sign to clear
Hoping a word I hear
Will remove every fear

In looking to be complete
I mistakenly compete
And then stumble on my own feet
Overheated in the street

I used to be exclusive and unique
And was always on a winning streak
Maybe I hit the peak
Maybe I let myself go weak
Or maybe it’s just a day in a week

Constantly eliminating can be so delineating
In the land of extremes I rarely know what I mean

Back when I was new and didn’t know what I knew
I want to get back to that place
Where I take care of my face
And mindful of my space
And live with more grace

Where there’s nothing I need
And I’m not always bleeding
Where I’m complete in my breathing


And to close…I share with you a few quotes from Anais Nin, from her journal circa 1940…

quotes – Anais Nin diary 1939-1944

“To say that the artist is not serving humanity is monstrous.  He has been the eyes, ears, voice of humanity; the transcendentalist who x-rayed our true states of being.”

“Man is forbidden to concern himself with anything but the struggle for bread.  If his capacity for dreaming, imagining, inventing, and experimenting is killed in the process, man will become a well-fed robot and die of spiritual malnutrition.  The dream has its function and man cannot live without it.”

“When I see the enormity of the machines in factories, I am not impressed.  It is material.  The human adventure, human receptivity, has to find a way to make one feel power, force, but not by mathematics.  I am not angry, but I seek desperately for the sensitive and human America.  But I feel anger and violence in the air.”

Sunday driving to Santa Fe


Sunday morning, headed west
The last five days put us to the test
New Mexico bound, it’s time to rest

A little rain on the rural highway
A little music that we like to play
and very few words to say

Dirt roads and desert flowers
And mountain air we devour
Where we can lose track of the hours

After four weddings and a funeral
Over the last five weeks
We arrive in New Mexico
A well deserved retreat

A few gigs and a festival, and some musical revival
Some time in the mountains to refill our fountain

Watching the hawks floating on the wind
Watching the freeway disappear around the bend

An Afternoon Captured in New Orleans

Mr. D. and I get out for afternoon walks fairly often, sometimes Audubon Park, sometimes just wandering through neighborhoods.  It’s a good time for us to discuss the week and ideas and generally what’s on our mind.  It’s treasured time together.

Most of time, I’m seeing the world through my photographer’s eye; but not always capturing, more observing.

Yesterday, the mid-afternoon light was just perfect, and the wind was calm, so I was in a mode to click away and capture what I see.  I’m especially delighted to see the Japanese Magnolias blooming again; always a welcome splash of color in winter.



08/18/2004 – transformation, strength, seasons

There is a world on the edge of rolling
Over to the next season of living
To the next dimension we’re giving

A shift in the air is on the rise
No surprise

Though I still shiver when it shines
Drawing me out of time
Into a design I hadn’t seen, so sublime

Are you ready?
I am willing,
Strong and steady

Synchronicity, Gratitude and the path we follow

Ok, so 5 months have passed since my last post.  TIME! flew by.  But it’s been an amazing journey.  We’ve logged approximately 10,000 miles in these last five months:  Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, North … Continue reading

Blessings in Disguise

I can already feel the tides shifting toward the positive as the new year begins trickling out into a flow.  In New Orleans, Mardi Gras season is in full swing, though this year, I’m a little more internal/creative/quiet.  As we get beyond mercury retro and Mardi Gras, and into that new moon and Chinese New Year (Feb 19), I feel the momentum will be picking up.  I am grateful.  🙂

1/23/15 –

We all do our best
I guess it’s sometimes maybe less
Than where we’d hope to be in time
Or maybe we were always fine
It’s just we hoped there’s more to find
Inside these vessels of blood and vines

In and out of stillness
As the grass grows tall around us
And the weaknesses we long to leave behind
They still intrigue the mind
Maybe we can listen for
The blessings in disguise

I know that I love to give
And life can be of service
But sometimes when my light goes dim
And chaos is the path we swim
Patience wears too thin
I hope you understand

Please don’t take it personal
This challenge universal
Humanity in growing pains
Insanity then back to sane
We’re all searching for
The meaning in our name


Here’s a collection from one of our recent strolls through Crescent Park in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans…plus a couple of Frady, one of our cats, because he’s too cute to not share 🙂

Capturing Moments

I’ve been looking up at the sky my whole life, day or night, always fascinated.    This gallery is me finding the magnificent in the ordinary moments of the day.  Lots to be grateful for as we settle into the last couple months of 2014, reviewing and renewing, and setting new goals for a new year coming.

It’s the little bits you do for people
That let your spirit shine through
It’s the little bits of truth you seek
That carry you along your route
(that carry you back to your roots)

Bathe my spirit in light
Let my fields be a golden sight

Let us love before we fight
Let us live through this night
Let us listen to what is right
And be uplifted out of plight

Let us be gifted with second sight
From our sixth-centered eye
Let us be a spirit spy
Ever watchful of the sky

Ready to learn to fly
And hear the reasons in the why.

Pick Out Your Own Cloud

Today’s post features a new-ish song/poem, that we’ll record for our next Sweet Jones record.  It’s called Pick Out Your Own Cloud.  I’ve been facing this subject matter in full throttle action this past week or life; anyone in the creative fields can relate, I’m sure.  Do enjoy, and then go pick out your own cloud 🙂

Pick Out Your Own Cloud – written by Melissa DeOrazio
copyright 2014 Los DeOrazios Music

I’ve been waiting around
For so long, so for something that can’t be found
I’ve searched high and low ground
For the terms and words and answers renowned

All the while, still listening
For your sound
All the while, still listening
For your sound

I’ve been waiting in vain
For the station to announce my train
I’ve been playing a game
Where every day, all the rules change

But I still play and bet everything
In your name
I still play and bet everything
In your name

Comparing everything
To anything on anyone else’s path
Quickly slows our pace
Run your own race, pave your own path

Choose to laugh
In the face of ego’s wrath
Choose to laugh
In the face of ego’s wrath

When you come to closed doors and big walls
When knocking and jumping does nothing at all
Lose your doubt
Choose another route
Get back to your roots
And do what makes you proud
Do what makes you proud

Who needs the crowd
That only shouts in the dark so loud
Grab the straps of your boots
Grab your tools and build your own town

Pick up your wings and sing
And pick out your own cloud
Pick out your own cloud

Pick up your wings and sing…Pick out your own cloud

The Human Heart

“The human heart is so delicate and sensitive that it always needs some tangible encouragement to prevent it from faltering in its labor. The human heart is so robust, so tough, that once encouraged, it beats its rhythm with a loud unswerving insistency. One thing that encourages the heart is music. We have created music to embolden the hearts and inspire the spirit of people all over the world.”  Maya Angelou – Letter for my Daughter

Music and nature walks are two of my go-to staples for upliftment.  In the midst of lots of amazing things happening in life and the beautiful unfolding of spring, there are also the untold challenges that we meet head on at full speed.  So the thing to do when faced with such velocity, is to slow down, breathe deep, and know that we’ve come through many challenges and heartaches, stronger on the other side.

Listen to your favorite songs, let yourself be restful, touch your toes to the earth, and be grateful.


I’m feeling quite emotional
There are all these things that I can’t control
It comes in waves
All along the path that I have paved

So many things we cannot escape
Breathing deep, we just find a way
Sometimes less is more for words to say
Sometimes rest is where we learn to pray

These things weigh heavy on my mind
I’m walking steady one day at a time
These challenges become a tie that binds
Through love, our strength is never hard to find

sky view

sky view

looking up

looking up

hawks fly close

hawks fly close


Bella Luna

aug 20 full moon aug 20 full moon 2 aug 20 full moon 3

These two poems below, I wrote at two different times, but they seemed to pair well and go with my full moon theme.  Enjoy!

At night I’ll be the one

Howling at the moon

Then staring at the sun

The next day at high noon

Soaking up the radiance

Lighting up the room

Singing to the cadence

And watching how life blooms.


Galaxies born of light, Vivid in the night

Crave a quiet moment, To burn in their own right

To gain a word of insight

To grow beyond stage fright

To hear the subtle whisper, where truth can be held tight

Epic journeys through midnight travesties

Waves crash and ambush majesties

Love will laugh and ask for amnesty

From the anguish that is trapped and languishing

While visions are wishing with a visceral listening

Enveloped and glistening, shimmer never diminishing

The shining is guiding, the glimmering path, gliding

With graceful glad-tidings.