Let’s Make a Record – I wrote this one on the last day of our May 2013 tour path to Ohio and back home via Florida; we had spent ten glorious days mostly in the country, amidst trees and quiet earth, and then ending our journey on the Emerald Coast. We look forward to taking an entire summer for this type of creative retreat.

Let’s make a record
Ten days at sea, you and me
The air and the water
Breathing life into me

Let’s make a record
In the middle of the trees
Like fire inspires
With a passion for peace

Connect all these elements
Plus the etheric in the keys

Creating and relating
Deep spirituality
Sharing and shaking
A brand new reality

On the edge of the earth
At the tip of the sea
I see your reflection
Staring back at me

A whisper on the wind
A chord in the cloud
The love that you send
Is heard clear and loud

A wink in the sun
In the blink of an eye
We feel the deeper message
And don’t have to ask why

To drink; To not think
To shrink when you speak
This life is so brief
But you drown in disbelief
And shrivel as fallen leaves

Those left behind will grieve
Only because we cannot conceive
Why you’d live in such deceit
With no regard for how you treat
Yourself and those you meet

Leaving hearts on broken streets
These moments will not repeat
Yet you persistently deplete
Resisting notions of complete

Distracted interactions
Over-stimulated inaction
Over-caffeinated; frustrated
Under-appreciated; never satiated
Apathetic; disconnected
Social yet rejected

The attention span of this modern humanity
Is more minute than a minute in gravity
A minuet of fret and regret
And I’ll bet you forget to give when you get.

Certainly Uncertain
When nothing is set in stone
And the heart is free to roam
Into the realms of the unknown

When there is nothing that we own
Beyond this flesh and bone
We discover a timeless home

When you listen to the tone
And the hum of a saintly crone
Singing for your soul

When pain is the burden
That you choose to learn from
As they lower the curtain
On all that was certain

The Path is Clearing
Just when it seems
That you’re running out of steam
To live up to these dreams

The ice is melting
The storm is swelling
The story is telling

Just when you feel
So lost to what is real
As if you’ll never heal

The page is burning
The tide is turning
The heart is learning

When it feels so hard
That every moment breaks your heart
And you wonder where to start

The path is clearing
The soul is steering
So don’t be fearing

By Grace We Go
By grace we go
Into each day not knowing
Exactly what the future holds

But we go beholden
To a faith unspoken
With the courage to be broken

Hold strong to your beliefs
Set aside your grief
Just as autumn sheds her leaves

All things must pass
So we must loosen our grasp
And plow forth with our task

All things will not be known
But the way will be shown
And the steps we take, we will own

One day at a time
We water the vine
And pray for the sun to shine

Such a Fine Balance

The letting go
Forgetting what I know
The land of dreams
Never planned as it seems

What would you have me do
If I only listened to you?
What should I try to be
Since nothing else is working?

Love obey
Serve excel
It’s the recipe for the spell

But what do I play?
And where do I dwell?
What do I say?
And who do I tell?

So few are listening
Nor care to be witnessing

Every cell and fiber is on fire
As I’m walking on the high wire

I could walk with ease
If it wasn’t for the strong breeze
I could really laugh
If I wasn’t so attached

I could walk with gratitude
If it wasn’t for ego attitude
I could walk with joy
If it wasn’t for the noise

Therein lies deception
When perfection is obsession

But life is perfect imperfection
The defect and infection

Brings forth light and new perception
To shift our attention
Toward brighter intentions

Such a fine balance
To live and love in the now
Yet recognize our talents
And dream them out loud


Surround me with the profound
Ground me as I watch the clouds
Changing quickly without a sound

Surround me outside of town
In a field where I’d not soon be found
Where I can listen to my heart pound

Patiently evaporating anger
Betting every last living wager
On the angel in the manger

We live in the face of danger
Like a lone wolf ranger
Waiting to me meet our own inside stranger

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