Poetry – Transformation

3/22/2002 – Free Your Reality

Don’t you mess with me; I’m feeling kind and free
Hey, can’t you see, and don’t you want to be?
Full of clarity, that’s why you stare at me
Can you turn the key and unlock the dream?

Unlock the dream
Rip all the seams
Of reality
And recreate reality

Find your beautiful dream

At a point in my life where there will be no more strife
Not gonna waste my time walking your straight line
I’ll do whatever I want, go wherever I’ll go
Give all that I got, and live all that I know

Hey, do you want to go?
Step into the flow
Hey, let it show, and let it all go

Coming out of my shell, I’m released from the hell
Writing a new spell, cause I lived to tell
And I don’t have to go on feeling like I was wrong
I knew the truth all along, now I’m singing my song
I’ll be forever strong, be forever strong

My, my, my reality is busting out of the seams
Do you know what this means for humanity?
We’re on the edge of the sea where we become the tree
Become the truth that will free
Where light is all we see

Hey, do you want to go?
Step into the flow
Hey, let it show, and let it all go


10/20/02 – Claim Clarity

Every day brings us closer to the new world we’ve been imagining
And conjuring up from the other side
As we chip away the pieces that only serve to hide
Bringing in the tide and smoothing out the ride

As shadows dance around behind my eyes
The wind’s power carries the force of change
To re-draw our desert landscapes and clear away the dead leaves
Wind – the invisible visceral alchemist, the refresher

We’ve been saying a few words on the left side
Then sitting quietly on the right side

That which you resist will persist
Closing your eyes can sometimes lead you into a brick wall
But looking fervently can be just as damaging
Consequences come, even when you’re on the run

It’s time to tell a new story
The everlasting moment has come
Tell me a new story and clear away what’s come undone

When there’s only ever one moment, it makes decisions quite clear
Prioritize the positive, for there’s no space left for the negative
When you see everything as it is, and accept it as it is
You see the purpose is ultimately positive

Cleanse, clear, claim clarity
No longer scared of me
Finally fair to be
What already is.


10/4/09 – Rewrite to Reignite

It’s been fine all this time
But now I’ve changed my mind
About the roads I need to find
Sure, you’ve all been kind

To my face, but not behind
I feel like I’ve been blind
The silence is a sign
Time to write a new life line
Take stock and redefine
Taking back what is mine
Reignite my sunshine


4/26/10 – Speak Up

Learn to say no
Let the disappointment glow
Now and then we need to bleed
It’s like a way to plant a seed

Rains may come
And we come undone
Fertilized and realized
Open eyes, no disguise

Learn to say no
Let the real feelings show
Sometimes what you think you want
Is not the highest good for all

Do you want to please your soul
Or let others have control
Bent on hands and knees and coals
Suffering is not the goal

Get up, stand up, speak up
Be heard by your true word
Be ready for the rebirth
Stand steady and know your worth

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