How the Garden Grows

We’ve had *a lot* of rain here the last couple months, and things are very green and/or soggy.  Here are some of my favorite images of springtime in New Orleans and the places I go to recharge my soul batteries.

PS – the recording I posted about last month…it’s finished!!
It’s called ‘Home: Vol. 1’ and live to preview on the Sweet Jones website….if you’re curious 🙂  This being finished, I can now get back to regular blog/writing and pondering again!

PSS – Happy Summer Solstice!

2015 dream a new dream

2015, dream a new dream.  Move deliberately and with care.
Find what it means to claim new beliefs and sew new seams
Into a tapestry that gleams with the hope of sun beams.


Is it all just talk, or will you walk the walk?
Will these ideas have a follow through?
Will they make a difference if made true?

Or is it just a fleeting thought
A thing that can’t be taught
A light that can’t be caught
A fight that can’t be bought

But who’s keeping score?
It’s not a competition or a war

One day at a time, follow the vine
Detours and distractions sometimes just fine
Take your time because there is no time
But don’t let it tangle up your mind

Hold steady that sunshine
The hope of the innocent
Remember what it meant
The first time you dreamt

Doesn’t matter how it went
For 1000 others in the end
Your story has weight
Don’t let the words wait

It’s never too late
To rewrite your fate
In a state to create
And let that fill your plate

11/23/14 –

I am the graceful and grateful companion of God
Sat Nam, Wahe Guru
Each day I wake is a blessing
I walk in love and gratitude

With each step is forgiveness
With each breath is kindness
With each heartbeat is love

There is no hurry, there is no worry
Living in the now, I can say wow
Nowhere to be, nothing to achieve
Stillness is key and the faith to believe

Let fellow earth walkers do what they must
They follow their own rhythm to trust
Let go without reaction
Let God be in action
Call what you have now satisfaction


Think before you speak
Drink your truth and link
The worlds that always shrink
Swim before you sink

Time is on the brink
Life happens when you blink
Don’t let it go to waste
Savor the taste of grace

Remember the love you face
Expand your positive place
Let go, let go of the race
Don’t lose yourself in the maze

Remember to be amazed
By the caring and the crazed

Capturing Moments

I’ve been looking up at the sky my whole life, day or night, always fascinated.    This gallery is me finding the magnificent in the ordinary moments of the day.  Lots to be grateful for as we settle into the last couple months of 2014, reviewing and renewing, and setting new goals for a new year coming.

It’s the little bits you do for people
That let your spirit shine through
It’s the little bits of truth you seek
That carry you along your route
(that carry you back to your roots)

Bathe my spirit in light
Let my fields be a golden sight

Let us love before we fight
Let us live through this night
Let us listen to what is right
And be uplifted out of plight

Let us be gifted with second sight
From our sixth-centered eye
Let us be a spirit spy
Ever watchful of the sky

Ready to learn to fly
And hear the reasons in the why.

New Year, New Moon, New Start

Happy New Year!
I am welcoming 2014 with a new moon, a fresh canvas, attitude renewed, and heart revived.  In the winter, for me, it’s all too easy to get internal, dark, and moody, which can be fine for a brief spell.  But linger too long…well, not ideal for the positive, cheerful side that wants to celebrate holiday time, family time, and the hope of a new year coming.

We recently watched the documentary, 11th hour.  One of many documentaries to come out in the last several years that encourages this human race to get with the program and be more mindful to this one planet we call home.  I like to add these types of films periodically to our viewing list to remind myself where we are and renew my drive for living a little lighter.

I was feeling inspired by much of what was said in the documentary, and so while watching, I wrote down some notes on actual things they said throughout and then put it my own poem version.

Here’s to 2014: healthy, prosperous, lighter and brighter, happy and free; breathing more, letting go more, honoring ourselves, our fellow earthlings and the earth.

Be reborn, be transformed
New intentions, new inventions
We need this intervention

To design with kindness in mind
From cradle to cradle and turn the tables
Reduce the waste that we send to the grave

So attached to things
Detached to what it brings
Change the object of desire
Be in touch with sources of survival

We’ve gone psychically numb
Disconnected and on the run
Not knowing the beauty we’ve lost
Not recognizing the long term cost

Hungry for a false need that is never fulfilled
While greed and blood continues to spill

On the brink to become extinct
Even as we eliminate thousands of other species
And the tragedy wherein we’re linked
Causing this but never to think

In a flash of consumption
Outside of compassion
Where is the redemption?
Could we care enough for expansion of our hearts
To care for this global mansion?

looking up, looking outChristmas Eve at Audubon Audubon's tree of life  take flight Sunset at Audubon 2 Audubon statues Sunset at Audubon Los DeOrazios