To Not React

Quarantine time has me typing my past journals on a more regular basis.  This has felt, at times, like notes to my future self (aka, me, right now).  Things that I needed to see on the page then, and work out in my mind at that moment, serve as reminders and sign posts to my current moments.  And it’s been that way for me through most of my typing process, regardless of when the words were written.  It continues to be a fascinating thing for me, and so I’m working on sharing more of these moments with you here.  I hope that the words are what you needed in the moment as well.  xoxo

9/13/19 –
Sometimes the hardest thing to do
Is to not react
To open the heart and not attack

The negative mind
On constant rewind and looking to find
The dangers and detriments that leave us on the side lines
In fear of the real or imagined crimes

If we can count to ten and take a deep breath
If we can stay zen amidst the mess
We don’t have to defend or be swept up in stress
We don’t have to pretend that we know what’s next

Petroglyphs, Tucson, AZ

Petroglyphs, Tucson, AZ

Rest and Digest

Drop the weight of the world
Be your own pearl
Not every moment must be filled
Not every secret must be spilled

Allow yourself some joy
Don’t let yourself be destroyed
Allow yourself some rest
Some space to digest

Not everything is a test
Don’t judge yourself as a mess
We all have work to do
To find our essence and truth

Do what you have to do
To allow grace to be in view
Count to ten to keep your zen
Say less and let things happen

Let go of control
Make space for your soul

Quote from Gleason documentary; It left me in an absolute puddle.
“You are awesome. But the world can grind on you. Do not become obsessive to the point where you are unhappy. Let your best stand for what it is. If it’s not sufficient, that’s ok. You did your best; move on.”

I spent the last two weekends at Swan River Yoga for Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.  It seemed like a good time to add this practice to my yoga life, and a branch of yoga that more people can get into.  I didn’t realize how much I also needed it.  The idea is to let the body ‘rest and digest’, bringing a deliberate pause to the schedule, to consciously and mindfully breathe and restore the body (and mind).  It’s incredibly nourishing for the nervous system (which can become quite taxed in this fast-paced, modern life).

I have a tendency to fill my schedule down to the minutes, with little breathing space.  My incredible husband reminds me and encourages me to slow down…easier said than done.

But this yoga practice will be a tool I can access for more conscious rest.  The world can wait, and we can all take a deep breath.

I wrote this poem at the end of that training weekend.

As we move into autumn and the days begin to shorten, nature naturally asks us to slow down.  I invite you to consciously create space, and allow yourself that time, even if it’s 5 minutes, to stop, breathe, and be.

heart rock