A Life Untamed

We come to these bodies at birth
Shell-shocked and in search
Of the meaning, the purpose, the worth
For why we came to this earth

We wonder what’s the mission
What’s behind the division
We wonder if there’s a master vision
Some grand director making the decision

We try to navigate the feelings
To understand what is revealing
Forever searching for a healing
While yet another wound is peeling

Sometimes we try to play dumb
And act like we’re completely numb
Sometimes we’re on the run
Hiding from any real solution

We try to listen to intuition
And not dismiss the information
Sometimes the heart is the ignition
While the head follows false sensation

There’s things that happen in the dead of night
That contradict what we know is right
There are worlds that wander out of sight
Waiting for us to drop the fight

There’s things that happen on another plane
That we’re not aware of and we can’t name
Life itself goes on just the same
Not a thing to control, and futile to tame.

Doubt Storms the Mind

This doubt storm blows in from time to time; it stalls the mind and undermines my inner shrine.  I shudder to think of what I’d become if I didn’t have yoga+meditation+music+creative outlets+nature to stabilize me when these elements pass through me.  Each storm is a learning experience and a way to reset the internal compass.  As I often like to say, if you don’t excavate, how will you elevate?


Who does this doubt belong to?
Where does it originate from?
What is this story tied to?
Do I know where I belong?

The doubt wears the crown
More often than I wear my own noun
When I think I’m on the turn around
Well here comes the run around
And I’m scrambling on the ground

All the things I think I see
False perceptions of reality
Is everything I feel
Coming from some reel to reel
Like a film that isn’t even real?

Did I make a raw deal?
Did I forget every skill?
Whose download is this anyway?
Have I been riding the wrong freeway?

What frequency am I tuned into?
What telescope am I looking through?
Who can I turn to
When I can’t breathe and I’m turning blue?

This walking disaster
Could it move any faster?
Am I stuck in plaster?
Never to be a master?

When I leave this room
It turns into a temple of doom
I could use a mental broom

If I could find a way to bloom
And blossom out of this impossible gloom
Break the glamour of this tomb

Light a thousand matches
Rise up from the ashes
Blink, blink my eyelashes
Recover from these mind rashes

Walk away from those attachments
That only left me in fragments

If I could embrace some movements
To find some soul improvements
To find some life amusements
To love this life and use it.

Following and Filling Your Heart

winter skyThis one just spilled right out of the pen in one fell swoop and even moved me after reading it back to myself, like messages from the subconscious to lift me up out of doubt and encourage me on the path.  And so I share with you now, passing the baton of courage.  xoxo


Sometimes we underestimate people
Sometimes the mind is feeble
Sometimes we are unreasonable/unreachable
And sometimes we are regal

Don’t ever look for reasons
To say your life is not in season
Or that your path is not yet seasoned
Or that your art has no reason

Every piece of art created
Is never overrated
If the heart took part in creating
And the soul was renewed in the making

Sometimes we shy away from
The very thing that could be a haven
Sometimes we hold ourselves back
For fear of failing or falling or lack

But if we open up to flying
We may find we found our pack
Get past just trying
And realize our impact

Open up the night
Let your life be inspired
Open up the lights
Set your soul on fire

Renewed and imbued
With warmth and grace infused
Dig deep in the dirt and grit
Find your worth and see where you fit
Know what you’re born to do
And find you’re living proof

If you just stop caring
Whether anyone gives a care
But continue to share like you care
And do your best to be aware
To relax into the flow
While the people come and go

Don’t think about what you’re not
And focus on what you are
And don’t you ever stop
Following and filling your heart

Grow Anyway

I’m trying to be more in-the-moment with sharing new words versus reading a poem 6 months later and then hem-haw-ing about it in my wish-wash-way…but then there’s always the opinions, and maybe questions I’d rather not answer.  I tend to … Continue reading

Pick Out Your Own Cloud

Today’s post features a new-ish song/poem, that we’ll record for our next Sweet Jones record.  It’s called Pick Out Your Own Cloud.  I’ve been facing this subject matter in full throttle action this past week or life; anyone in the creative fields can relate, I’m sure.  Do enjoy, and then go pick out your own cloud 🙂

Pick Out Your Own Cloud – written by Melissa DeOrazio
copyright 2014 Los DeOrazios Music

I’ve been waiting around
For so long, so for something that can’t be found
I’ve searched high and low ground
For the terms and words and answers renowned

All the while, still listening
For your sound
All the while, still listening
For your sound

I’ve been waiting in vain
For the station to announce my train
I’ve been playing a game
Where every day, all the rules change

But I still play and bet everything
In your name
I still play and bet everything
In your name

Comparing everything
To anything on anyone else’s path
Quickly slows our pace
Run your own race, pave your own path

Choose to laugh
In the face of ego’s wrath
Choose to laugh
In the face of ego’s wrath

When you come to closed doors and big walls
When knocking and jumping does nothing at all
Lose your doubt
Choose another route
Get back to your roots
And do what makes you proud
Do what makes you proud

Who needs the crowd
That only shouts in the dark so loud
Grab the straps of your boots
Grab your tools and build your own town

Pick up your wings and sing
And pick out your own cloud
Pick out your own cloud

Pick up your wings and sing…Pick out your own cloud