With Love and Gratitude

A few photos from the week…

And a poem from the week…this is one of those poems that just flooded out from the pen all at once.  Grateful when that happens.  Grateful to share.  Grateful for you!

11/21/16 –
We need to be humble
We need to be kind
Not causing trouble
Or wasting so much time
On useless fears
Let’s hold each other dear
And pray for the morning sun to rise

It has been full on
It has been intense
People play foolish
Not making too much sense
There’s been so much fighting
On both sides of the fence
If we could just let go
Love needs no defense

There’s been so much counting
So much keeping score
The louder the shouting
The more we ignore
There’s been so much doubting
Of what we’re living for
If we could just get grounded
And stop making so much war.

Grow Anyway

I’m trying to be more in-the-moment with sharing new words versus reading a poem 6 months later and then hem-haw-ing about it in my wish-wash-way…but then there’s always the opinions, and maybe questions I’d rather not answer.  I tend to … Continue reading

An Afternoon Captured in New Orleans

Mr. D. and I get out for afternoon walks fairly often, sometimes Audubon Park, sometimes just wandering through neighborhoods.  It’s a good time for us to discuss the week and ideas and generally what’s on our mind.  It’s treasured time together.

Most of time, I’m seeing the world through my photographer’s eye; but not always capturing, more observing.

Yesterday, the mid-afternoon light was just perfect, and the wind was calm, so I was in a mode to click away and capture what I see.  I’m especially delighted to see the Japanese Magnolias blooming again; always a welcome splash of color in winter.



08/18/2004 – transformation, strength, seasons

There is a world on the edge of rolling
Over to the next season of living
To the next dimension we’re giving

A shift in the air is on the rise
No surprise

Though I still shiver when it shines
Drawing me out of time
Into a design I hadn’t seen, so sublime

Are you ready?
I am willing,
Strong and steady

How the Garden Grows

We’ve had *a lot* of rain here the last couple months, and things are very green and/or soggy.  Here are some of my favorite images of springtime in New Orleans and the places I go to recharge my soul batteries.

PS – the recording I posted about last month…it’s finished!!
It’s called ‘Home: Vol. 1’ and live to preview on the Sweet Jones website….if you’re curious 🙂  This being finished, I can now get back to regular blog/writing and pondering again!

PSS – Happy Summer Solstice!

Capturing Moments

I’ve been looking up at the sky my whole life, day or night, always fascinated.    This gallery is me finding the magnificent in the ordinary moments of the day.  Lots to be grateful for as we settle into the last couple months of 2014, reviewing and renewing, and setting new goals for a new year coming.

It’s the little bits you do for people
That let your spirit shine through
It’s the little bits of truth you seek
That carry you along your route
(that carry you back to your roots)

Bathe my spirit in light
Let my fields be a golden sight

Let us love before we fight
Let us live through this night
Let us listen to what is right
And be uplifted out of plight

Let us be gifted with second sight
From our sixth-centered eye
Let us be a spirit spy
Ever watchful of the sky

Ready to learn to fly
And hear the reasons in the why.

Review and Renew

“Our goal while on this earth is to transcend our illusions and discover the innate power of spirit.  We are responsible for what we create, and we must therefore learn to act and think with love and wisdom and to live in service to others and all of life.”

Anatomy of Spirit by Caroline Myss

I’ve been typing out my journals of poetry and musings for a few years now, more often now than when I began this process.  I feel a momentum to it now and am enjoying the process.  I have large storage bin full of journals that I’m sifting through (in no particular order) as I create a manuscript that will eventually be books or volumes of poetry to publish.  This is part of why I started this blog, a place to organize some of it and tip toe into the world of sharing.  Somehow it feels more risky than what I do when I write a song and sing it.  That is part of why I’m reluctant in posting poems more often; that and just the quantity to choose from can be daunting (same goes for choosing photos).

Throughout my journals over the years, I’ve written down many quotes that were especially important to me at the time, or that I related to, or related to what I was going through.  I find that the quotes still inspire and move me, and often times I read them at just the right moment (again).

I opened a new (old) journal to begin typing today, and the very first thing written in this journal (from November 2004!), was today’s quote at the top of this post.  And it is exactly what I needed to read today!  Caroline Myss is an incredible author and teacher, and her books always nudge me toward growth.  Ten years go by, and we change and grow, we review and renew, and yet remain ourselves.  Fascinating, this life.   Thank you for sharing and participating in the journey.  Be well and safe travels!

Passion flower sun Passion flower shadow passion flower focus

All We Create

A quick poem for a quick moment…The summer has vanished rapidly, as time moves ever quicker, hurtling us toward timelessness, I suppose.  Lots of photos and ponderings and poems have been captured this summer, and yet the choosing of and organizing them into a post has been my latest procrastination.  So in the meantime, as I continue typing the manuscript that will one day be actual volumes of poetry, I find little gems along the way.  Here’s one that felt right for the moment and themes I’ve been traveling through this week.  Cheers to honoring your creative spirit and claiming your worth in the world!

Open the door, it’s not too late

Clearing the floor, filling the plate

Stand on the shores, feeling the wake

Of life you adore, don’t hesitate

Prosperity is more than money in the bank

Can’t keep score when the fields are blank

Life is more than just building the tank

Love is at the core of all we create.

Lotus blossoms at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Lotus blossoms at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Lotus blossoms at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Lotus blossoms at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Springs Bounty

Flowers after rain are just too good to pass up for photographing.  Of course, those epic, blue-sky days are a good fit for flowers too.  Lots and lots blooming in New Orleans right now, and I’m savoring this time before the big heat sets in.  Although, I’m hoping that little dashes of this spring air continue to make appearances throughout the summer.  The red, starry-eyed flower, I’m not sure of the name, but I just couldn’t decide on one to share, so I shared multiples, and with various a few photo-toaster edits for fun.  Enjoy!


We’ve chosen the rose
Because the rose called us

To rise from the shell and stand tall amongst the rust
We’ve listened to the message and living in full trust
To do what most may fear
Living from the heart, we must

We followed a path unpaved
With no flashlight, into the cave
We followed how the heart craved
And received what she gave

Leave behind your name
Truth is all you need for this game
Leave behind your pain
For it was never yours to claim

There are no mistakes
Don’t take it for granted
Each day you wake
With a seed you’ve planted

Living this life of love, enchanted
Trusting there will be a safe landing
Water often with your laughter
And breathe deep forever after.

Your Lovely Face

Your Lovely Face
I have not forgotten your lovely face
Nor your warm embrace
But life’s current pace
Has felt like a race
Or a high speed chase

Where each moment is faced
With some life to save
Where the breath must be brave
Like a calm inside a cave

As we live out each day
In a full-fledged blaze
And find out new ways
To survive the latest craze
And not get lost in the maze

We learn to see through the haze
We learn to soften our gaze
Adjusting to each phase
Of the moon and the sun’s rays

We let love be the praise
And let go of the colder ways
To forgive and to pray