A Life Untamed

We come to these bodies at birth
Shell-shocked and in search
Of the meaning, the purpose, the worth
For why we came to this earth

We wonder what’s the mission
What’s behind the division
We wonder if there’s a master vision
Some grand director making the decision

We try to navigate the feelings
To understand what is revealing
Forever searching for a healing
While yet another wound is peeling

Sometimes we try to play dumb
And act like we’re completely numb
Sometimes we’re on the run
Hiding from any real solution

We try to listen to intuition
And not dismiss the information
Sometimes the heart is the ignition
While the head follows false sensation

There’s things that happen in the dead of night
That contradict what we know is right
There are worlds that wander out of sight
Waiting for us to drop the fight

There’s things that happen on another plane
That we’re not aware of and we can’t name
Life itself goes on just the same
Not a thing to control, and futile to tame.

Ancestral healing

Ancestral healing; a subject I’ve been thinking about a lot this year. There’s so much in our DNA, family history, energetic bonds, and soul history that comes into play in our daily lives, some of which we’re not even aware of.

Working with it, sorting through emotions and traumas, both personal and familial, we can better understand ourselves and others, and find some peace in how we live in the world.

Some interesting podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently that talk about this are:

Mark Groves Podcast: 8/25/19 with Mark Wolynn – What Trauma Have You Inherited?
I listened to this one twice, and will probably listen to again; very transformative and fascinating! I’d like to read Mark Wolynn‘s book as well.

So You Think You’re Intuitive Podcast:
Episode 112: Tapping into your unconscious bias to become a better ancestor, with Leesa Renee Hall
Episode 110: How Past Lives Can Affect Your Healing
Episode 67: Intuition Conversations: Koya Webb on Facing Fears to Healing Generational Trauma and Family Healing
Episode 46: Healing Our Ancestor Stories

I obviously connected with host Natalie Miles and her style, as I listened to several in a row! Maybe a little ‘woo woo’ for some at moments, but very cosmic, intuitive, and with reverence for all, which I appreciate.

What have you been reading or listening to on the subject? What have you found in your own family tree that affects you in ways known and unknown?

This time of year is always good for reflection and for planting new seeds.


Stories we’re told vs truth-facts-bones

Inspired by current events; by AOC’s riveting speech; by Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette program; by Paul Joseph’s (@thepauljoseph) educational course on 5 million years of Black History; by R.R. Shakti’s course and talks on mythology/Herstory/history.  And by life itself.

There’s a lot that we’re just told
That we’re forced to uphold
While the truth gets buried in the fold
Ancient bones left in the cold

Constructs that we’re told to live within
And subconscious things we believe in
Not essential truths
No elemental proof

In fact, there’s loads of evidence
That show a different existence
Yet we trudge along in acceptance
Borderline indifference

To flagrant injustices that are constantly thrust upon us
And it all comes back around to something simple and profound
That we all deserve to be happy and free
To live life with love, without suffering

But the power and greed
Of a small percentage who agree
That more is what they need
While others starve and bleed

This sad faction so diseased
With empty hearts and karmic deeds
They control everything
Or so it seems

Well are the tides turning?
Are we fruitless in our burning?
Are we condemned to ever-yearning for an existential unlearning?
Will their karmic debts finally come to a head?
Will the collective soul be fed before we leave this planet dead?

I have to believe in the hope of the heart
That there is good left, enough to build an ark
To acknowledge the pieces we’ve torn apart
To make peace with ourselves would be a good start

Leo Moon, fun with new camera phone lenses


On this Solstice and Father’s Day, and time of great change, let us see each other without all of the grievances and differences.  Let us see each other through an open heart and willingness to love, to forgive and to be essentially happy.

11/30/19 –
Open your heart and receive
Open your mind and believe
Open your soul and let leave
All the dark that would deceive

Open your heart and let leave
All the parts full of grief
Call the egos bluff
And believe you are enough

Raise up your aim
Let go of fear and shame
Experience your worth
Share your light on this earth

Come to know the grace of your path
Follow soul’s pace and laugh

We are each unique in how we live and speak
The world not so lonely and bleak
When we allow ourselves to drink
The radiance of life and not shrink or sink

Then we allow ourselves to blink
And see a world where we’re all linked
Interconnected instead of dissected
Respected instead of rejected

Stand under this great, big sun
And know the light touches everyone
We’re all rooted to this planet earth
Know that we all have equal worth

Feeling Good Again

It’s the holiday season, the spirit of family, the spirit of giving and receiving, of celebration and gathering.  It can also bring up feelings of discontent, lack, friction and other less than joyful elements.
But we have an option to let go, not in a giving up, but in a surrender to the greater good of feeling good.
Our time on this planet is relatively short, and as we get older, time seems to move ever faster.
I wrote this poem back in April after my grandfather, a WWII vet, passed.  He was full of great stories, jokes and joy.  He shared an unconditional love that I’m grateful to have known.  I found myself wishing that I’d been more proactive in writing/recording his stories, his voice, his spirit.  And that desire carries over to the rest of the family as well.  But we must also simply enjoy the present and the people we are with, in the moment.
To let go and to feel good.
So as Texas songwriter Robert Earl Keen sang in a song… “It feels so good, feelin’ good again”.

No matter how much time you’re given
You’ll likely want more
Living in the moment, driven
Full throttle, pedal to the floor
Time easily squandered with the people you love
Sometimes we hurt, push and shove
Feelings, words and notions clouded by emotions
Leaving oceans between us, when we really need ‘us’

Now that we’re older and technology is bolder
Sometimes it feels too late to save all they said
For our elders to be respected
So we have to appreciate who is left
To listen to their gifts and drop the blaming tiffs

Too much time is lost
We pay the emotional cost when the ego acts like a boss
We cut ourselves off and cut ties to save grief
But that wound is so deep
So you keep it close and quiet, trying to hide it
But there’s no relief at the end of the line

Karmic debt is full of regret
Words come back around
And shake the good to the ground
So just come down off that horse and drop the frown

There’s no way out but through
Forgiveness holds true
So drop all they’ve done to you
Drop the belief of permanent wound

No retribution
Peace is your contribution
Open heart solution
Heal your constitution