On this Solstice and Father’s Day, and time of great change, let us see each other without all of the grievances and differences.  Let us see each other through an open heart and willingness to love, to forgive and to be essentially happy.

11/30/19 –
Open your heart and receive
Open your mind and believe
Open your soul and let leave
All the dark that would deceive

Open your heart and let leave
All the parts full of grief
Call the egos bluff
And believe you are enough

Raise up your aim
Let go of fear and shame
Experience your worth
Share your light on this earth

Come to know the grace of your path
Follow soul’s pace and laugh

We are each unique in how we live and speak
The world not so lonely and bleak
When we allow ourselves to drink
The radiance of life and not shrink or sink

Then we allow ourselves to blink
And see a world where we’re all linked
Interconnected instead of dissected
Respected instead of rejected

Stand under this great, big sun
And know the light touches everyone
We’re all rooted to this planet earth
Know that we all have equal worth

Ships That Sink

It’s sad to say that nearly 3 years later, under the rule of a hater, we’re deeper in the crater
Global depression under a fool’s obsession for power and oppression
How will we stand up and show up for humanity against this insanity?
Love, not fear; Love, not hate; Love elevates.

Politics is thick with pricks
And tricks that try to make you sick
And taking down the carefully placed bricks
Of generations that tried to pick
And choose a path they know would stick
Instead of stink and rarely think
Now we’re on the brink
Of a time bomb ticking
With each word he speaks
Another piece is linked
As a world of peace is left un-inked
With contracts burned
And ships that sink

We must awaken before our very lives are taken
Do not be mistaken, Love has not forsaken you
Join together in Love, let it carry us through.

A poem for these ancient modern times

I wrote this a couple weeks before our lock-down, when I sensed what was beginning to unfold, and what has now become the focus for the entire population of humanity.  I say ‘ancient’ modern times because, in a sense, these human issues are ancient issues we’ve been trying to sort through for so many ages.
“Claim your independence from complacency” (thanks Reginald Hubbard)
Claim independence from from complacence
In a deeper dance with circumstance
To root out the shadow trance
To wake up and make some plans.

3/6/20 –
The friction of this fiction that we’re living in
The corruption, the destruction and all the ways that we sin
Drowning out the voice of reason
Dreams turned nightmares and patience gets thin
We wonder where to begin again

Tempers get short and it’s time to abort
The ways that we were can no longer hold court
The intensity of the storm begins to swarm
And we look to the truth to keep us warm

But the aftermath is smoldering and we’re burned by the coals
We choke on the smoke, and we look for ways to cope
Who will throw a rope when we’re sliding down the slope
Off the cliff into the river, how will we be delivered?
Will we shrivel and shiver, deep in the stream, sentenced only to dream?

Will we ever wake up and come up for air, or just wallow in the despair?
Will we find a way to swim and breathe deep to repair?

Can we come together aware and set aside notions of fair?
Can we find some unity in why we’re all here?


I wrote this a year ago when Cali was on fire…the wheel turns again and the cycles continue.
Found it in my journal reviews and felt like sharing.  Also, it’s been awhile since I posted here…winter vibes may bring me back to journal typing and sharing.
Caution…opinions and words expressed here are my own and not yours to judge…if you don’t agree, then let me be.  We’re all on our own path, just trying to make sense of the math, and maybe now and then, laugh.


Just a little brush fire and a whole lot of drought
Took off like a live wire, no time to shout
Nowhere to go, nothing to save
Except the love you know and the love you gave

Now I’m left searching for my dreams
Nothing left of my routine
Lost in the shadow of these flames
Nothing will ever be the same

Callous heart, careless tongue
You’ve played your part from the bottom rung
Then your remarks, so selfishly smug
Like a shark, your ego is your drug

It’s hard to see such a tragedy
Their humanity in such dire need

All the while, you smile
Full of denial and poisonous vile
We all wonder, will there ever be a trial?
Will this madness ever be final?

love is in the earth