Bella Luna

aug 20 full moon aug 20 full moon 2 aug 20 full moon 3

These two poems below, I wrote at two different times, but they seemed to pair well and go with my full moon theme.  Enjoy!

At night I’ll be the one

Howling at the moon

Then staring at the sun

The next day at high noon

Soaking up the radiance

Lighting up the room

Singing to the cadence

And watching how life blooms.


Galaxies born of light, Vivid in the night

Crave a quiet moment, To burn in their own right

To gain a word of insight

To grow beyond stage fright

To hear the subtle whisper, where truth can be held tight

Epic journeys through midnight travesties

Waves crash and ambush majesties

Love will laugh and ask for amnesty

From the anguish that is trapped and languishing

While visions are wishing with a visceral listening

Enveloped and glistening, shimmer never diminishing

The shining is guiding, the glimmering path, gliding

With graceful glad-tidings.