Stories we’re told vs truth-facts-bones

Inspired by current events; by AOC’s riveting speech; by Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette program; by Paul Joseph’s (@thepauljoseph) educational course on 5 million years of Black History; by R.R. Shakti’s course and talks on mythology/Herstory/history.  And by life itself.

There’s a lot that we’re just told
That we’re forced to uphold
While the truth gets buried in the fold
Ancient bones left in the cold

Constructs that we’re told to live within
And subconscious things we believe in
Not essential truths
No elemental proof

In fact, there’s loads of evidence
That show a different existence
Yet we trudge along in acceptance
Borderline indifference

To flagrant injustices that are constantly thrust upon us
And it all comes back around to something simple and profound
That we all deserve to be happy and free
To live life with love, without suffering

But the power and greed
Of a small percentage who agree
That more is what they need
While others starve and bleed

This sad faction so diseased
With empty hearts and karmic deeds
They control everything
Or so it seems

Well are the tides turning?
Are we fruitless in our burning?
Are we condemned to ever-yearning for an existential unlearning?
Will their karmic debts finally come to a head?
Will the collective soul be fed before we leave this planet dead?

I have to believe in the hope of the heart
That there is good left, enough to build an ark
To acknowledge the pieces we’ve torn apart
To make peace with ourselves would be a good start

Leo Moon, fun with new camera phone lenses

Ships That Sink

It’s sad to say that nearly 3 years later, under the rule of a hater, we’re deeper in the crater
Global depression under a fool’s obsession for power and oppression
How will we stand up and show up for humanity against this insanity?
Love, not fear; Love, not hate; Love elevates.

Politics is thick with pricks
And tricks that try to make you sick
And taking down the carefully placed bricks
Of generations that tried to pick
And choose a path they know would stick
Instead of stink and rarely think
Now we’re on the brink
Of a time bomb ticking
With each word he speaks
Another piece is linked
As a world of peace is left un-inked
With contracts burned
And ships that sink

We must awaken before our very lives are taken
Do not be mistaken, Love has not forsaken you
Join together in Love, let it carry us through.