A Recipe – GF/V Mac & Cheeze

Food – One of my passions that I somehow left out of my descriptions of this new blog.  I love to cook and bake and contemplate in the kitchen.  Sweets and savories.  Raw, vegan, gluten-free.  Cooked, blended, wingin’ it.  It’s a daily hunt for health and wellness, while feeding the soul and not taking for granted said nourishment.

As my family will testify, I was a very picky eater as a child, but anything with cheese and/or carbs was a winner.  I learned how to make my own mac & cheese (albeit kraft, in a box) by the time I could reach the stove and read the box instructions.

Now, as an adult, most of the things that I savored as a child have become items on two lists – 1 – food allergies, and 2 – how could I have possibly enjoyed this processed un-food?  Not much room here for lamenting what must always pass and change.  We grow and evolve each on our own timelines.  I am grateful for this.

Somewhere around 2006-2007, I began to notice how food was affecting my body and insides and realized changes needed to be made.  After my own trial and error methods, I finally got food allergy testing done in 2009 and began eliminating the various problem foods, which included wheat and dairy.

Not terribly satisfied with various gf noodles and tofu “cheezes”, I’ve tinkered in the kitchen awhile and came up with this recipe.  My husband, who eats what he likes, gave it the thumbs up.

For the gf noodles, I’ve tried a variety of brands, but prefer ones without corn and do not end up gummy.  Andean Dream makes a GF macaroni that is just a blend of organic quinoa and organic brown rice.  yay!


1 package Andean Dream GF Macaroni (cook al dente and rinse)

1/2 tbsp Earth Balance coconut spread (optional)

1 small to medium sweet potato (peel if you prefer, I don’t; steam or boil)

1 15 oz can of organic cannellini or other white beans, rinsed

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1/8 tsp sea salt

1 tsp organic Dijon mustard

1 tbsp organic olive oil (optional)

1 bunch of fresh basil

2-3 handfuls of organic spinach (or arugula for a kick)

(my measuring methods are approximate, as I’m a stir/taste type and tend to just ‘eye’ my measurements.  Adjust/add/delete to your liking).


Wash your sweet potato and boil until soft; reserve cooking water.
Place your sweet potato, beans and the rest of your ingredients (except spinach) into your food processor (I used one of my favorite appliances – the vita-mix).  Add in 1/4 cup or so of cooking water and blend until all ingredients are smoothly combined.  I kept my sauce on the thicker side, not like hummus dip but not runny either.

Cook macaroni al dente, rinse and return to cooking pot and stir Earth Balance coconut spread into macaroni.

Stir in your sweet potato sauce until combined and resembling something like this –

Organic GF Macaroni with creamy sweet potato sauce

Organic GF Macaroni with creamy sweet potato sauce

Organic GF Macaroni with creamy sweet potato sauce

Organic GF Macaroni with creamy sweet potato sauce

Feel free to add more basil and stir in your spinach, or serve the macaroni on top of the spinach, salad style.

Serves 2-4 people, depending on your appetite.  This was dinner for the two of us, but could be portioned out to serve 3-4 people with other side dishes.

Enjoy!  And thank you for reading along with my first recipe post 🙂