Speak Up/Vote/Life Is Short

A series of poems from various timelines, all with the same theme – VOTE! and being mindful of how that vote affects our fellow beings, human and otherwise, and the planet.

Speak Up
To speak up or be silent
In the face of injustice
The muddy roots have been stirred
Change and fierce opposing notions
Knocking on every door

Will you lie down and wait
Will you fill up with hate
Will you call on goddess great
Will you call out these men of state

Stand up and be heard
Vote with your word
Pray the highest good
Unfolds as it should

Vote, No Joke!
Better vote, it ain’t no joke
Better get woke before we go up in smoke
Decisions they make, well they misspoke
Risks they take find us broke

Better vote, it ain’t no joke
Words so fake as they build this hoax
Lives at stake as they burn our notes
Worlds may break unless we cast our votes

Before we’re deeper in the ditch
Before they make another switch
Before they tear another stitch
Before the rich just get more rich


Life Is Short
This governing body
Does not govern my body
I’m no object to control
I’m a living breathing soul

The truth will be told
I know the lies you’ve sold
A human’s heart of gold
Has been left out in the cold

They keep driving this rift
But there’s gotta be a shift
They try to keep us separated
With lies they instigated

But we, the people are stirring
Waking up, shaken and burning
We’ve been activated
We won’t be underrated

Truth gets elevated
We won’t be sedated
We won’t be relegated
To the hate you’ve paraded

Life’s too short to fall for that bait
Love’s too strong and needs no debate
The time is now, we can no longer wait
The time is ripe to seal our fate

Every Last Vote